New in Portal:

Better Call Quality analysis with a new call quality debug page using real time metrics.

The existing Call Details page was replaced by a new debug page that is more streamlined and has more data. By using the data obtained directly from the users client during calls this page gives you insights into what was going on during calls minute to minute.

Including information about whether the user was speaking, listening or muted.  In the section "Impact of Issues" we show who's send issues is having an impact on others, as well as which users are impacted by receive issues that only impacted them.

To aid administrators in creating their own reporting, this page also contains a single exportable table at the bottom, containing the call data.

From here you click through to the individual participants details for the call on the  Call Data - Details page.

Call Data - Detail page

Apart from the overall Call Quality Debug page, we now also offer a new page to show the call details for a single call and user. This page uses the streaming metrics data that is also used when looking at the streaming Metrics page. It allows you to look back at any calls in the past and ee specifics of the users experience as the call was happening. This includes the ability to see when a user was talking, listening or muted..

New version of the Real Time Metrics page

A new and improved version of the Real Time metrics page was released to allow people even better insights into the users call experience in and outside of calls. The page shows new data points on video streaming and audio when the user is in a call.

New in General:

Alerting & notifications

TrueDem dashboards allows you to see the status of services for your tenant as they happen. Your organization might  however, prefer to ingest this information into other monitoring systems or prefer disturbances to be notified in the forms of emails, texts or Teams channel messages. This is now possible by using the TrueDEM and Grafana alerting features. 

In this first iteration we provide you with out-of-the box alert rules for all Microsoft reported issues on all services licensed by you under your E3 or other subscriptions. The rules will trigger an alert as Microsoft reports a change in the service health status.
Each organization can then determine how and if it wants these alerts to notify by setting up notifications based on these.

For more information on how to set up notifications from the alerts start here:

Additional Updates & fixes: